Food starch

The Amideria it Cervo produces powder and crystal rice starch, this latter named Zanna Bianca, an essential ingredient of the finest Italian confectionery.

Rice starch

  • The rice starch is an excellent ingredient to prepare cake and biscuits, bread as well as grissini, and gives crispness and delicate texture.
  • The rice starch does not contain gluten and it is not allergenic. For these reasons it is an optimum ingredients of products dedicate to the celiac disease patients.


  • The rice starch is essential when soft, creamy and low-fat dairy products are desired.
  • In Low-fat yoghurt rice starch is used instead of arabic gum or thickeners.
  • It is often added to fresh cheeses and low-fat vegetable margarine.


  • The rice starch is used in confectionery for sugar coating sweets as well as for sugared almonds.
  • It gives an extremely smooth surface. 
  • Extra white colour and strong sugar binding.
  • For chocolate products it enhances the soft texture and smoothness.

Sauces & soups

  • The rice starch creates a delicate mixture of sauces in dressing salads and ready soups.
  • Rice starch gives stable texture and great smoothness.
  • Sauces containing rice starch are stable as well as structured.

Special applications

  • In mushroom,: the rice starch gives texture and softness since the starch granules fit perfectly in the vegetable porous structure.
  • In meat: the rice starch is mixed to meat pate, and gives the product soft.
  • Smooth and easy to spread, fresh.

other uses of starch

Discover also the starch for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
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