About Us

Since 1882 Amideria it Cervo has been producing rice starch from Italian rice.

Using the same care of traditional Italian manufacture coupled with innovation technology, our rice starch is obtained exclusively from Italian rice.

Our History

The Amideria it Cervo is a small, dynamic and flexible company, ready to deal directly with the customers, offering the most appropriate solutions for any final products. 

Our factory is located in the Apennines regions close to Bologna, in the middle of Italian rice agriculture area. Working close to rice producers, Amideria it Cervo is able to guarantee the origin of the rice free from any GMO contaminations, and harvested and grown in the respect of nature and human beings.




tons of rice

Over 100

years of activity



Our mission

  • High quality rice starch.
  • Guarantee our customers only and exclusively rice harvested and grown in Italy.
  • Produce a natural ingredient, OGM-free, gluten free, allergen free, high digestible, neutral taste, clean label.
  • Essential ingredient for producing food for celiac disease. Helping food experts in formulating new and innovative recipe to improve food quality.
  • Improve food processes for cheaper and more environmental friendly technology.


ISO 9001:2015 (QMS)



Amideria Il Cervo

Via Del Lavoro 3 – 40050 Monterenzio (BO)

051 92 02 06 – 338 488 92 98
Mail: info@amideriailcervo.com

C.F. e P.IVA: 03557221201
REA BO 528604